About me
I am a computer enthusiast, I started Web Development 5 years ago to make it my job.
Years in years, I had the opportunity to form me using differents Web programming languages to my disposition.
Apache 2
My name is Luc, I am 19 years old, I was born on the 10th of March 1998. I am a web developer, for 5 years ago ( 2012 ).
I live in France, in the department 86 ( Vienne ), in a small town calm.
I don’t play sport, but I like walk and ride a bike.
I am calm but I have limits.
Before to learn web development, I was a mechanical enthusiast and gardening. ( Two passion which have nothing to do ).
I learn web development at the age of 13, I did HTML and CSS programs on my forums.
At the age of 16, I stop my studies to do the Web Development my job.
After more of 10 projects achieved, I can assure the complete development of your web app.
From front-end ( HTML/CSS/JS ) to the back-end ( PHP/SQL ), I manages the integration of your mock-up to make it functional.
Forum, news, member space or administration panel, I assure the development from A to Z of your project to make it at your image.
I have the capacity necessary to make your project multi-languages.
Don’t forget that all is feasible, so why wait ?
They talk about me
FyFou57 - Royalfight
Fast, trustworthy, all the work are made in very short delays for reasonnable prices compared at the quality ! I recommend it !
Someone of reactive, I did not had need to repeat several times what I wanted, he did a good job.
Damien - Ezor
I am very satisfied with his work, it is fast and my addons are working properly. I do not regret having ordered it to Luc !
Vincent - DJVins
Nothing to say, app is always up to date without ask anymore, perfect for me !
Aline - Medlines
Overall I am very satisfied and my viewers too. The add-on works very well and she is simple for everybody. Good job and the price is not exorbitant.
Nicolas - Sniikzy
Quickly available, listening my demand and my precisions. The work correspond very well to my expectation with in bonus the extensions on platforms that I don’t specify at the beginning.
Joshua - Tigger_San
The quality is here for a convenable price and made in a raisonnable time, I am very satisfied of job and I recommend strongly his services.
Luc worked fast. He had as model a basic draw and result is very faithful at the request. All for a dream price. I recommand greatly his services. Thanks Luc !
Jules - Noovera
Luc is someone very talented who answer fast to questions, we are extremely satisfied of his work, we are sure to work with him each times we will need !
Luc did a good job on time. When i asked him to modify some points of the deliverable, he made it quickly and without overload to make me 100% satisfied !
I highly recommend Luc a great developer, he knew how to answer all my expectations and make quick updates. Nothing to say I highly recommend !
Work done very well and quickly. I highly recommend it. If you have doubts about his work, do not hesitate.
Thanks to Lennaft for the translation and correction.